In our social responsibility program we are dedicated to:

  • Participate actively in the development of our community.

  • Support the strengthening of education.

  • Involve our organization in raising awareness about social development and the environment.

  • Train and constantly raise awareness about occupational safety.

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Storm Drainage Channel Work

Within the framework of our Social Development Program, on 12.12.2019 we delivered to the Intendant of Mariano Roque Alonso Mrs. Carolina Aranda and the Representatives of the Neighborhood Commission Together We Can II our commitment completed in the work of canalization of storm drain in the Gral. Garay Street of the Mystic Rose Quarter.

Very satisfied with our contribution in the work, an investment of more than Gs. 200.000.000 that served to initiate and fulfill the dream of the neighbors who, as they said, have been fighting since 1996. With the effort and work on this private public project between Puerto Fénix with this work and the Municipality of Mariano Roque Alonso in the construction of the paved.

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